Thursday, April 27, 2006

There's absolutely nothing... blatantly ignoring the will of the voters to get you elected, right? Colorado Attorney General John Suthers seems to think so. "If I saw a poll tomorrow that said 75 percent of Coloradans were in favor of this measure, I'd still be against it," he is quoted as saying in the Colorado Springs Independent. "This is not something that I come to because of my assessment of the political winds. I've been on this side of the debate for decades."

It doesn't really matter what the people want, appearantly. Our elected officials know better, and we need them to protect us from ourselves. Now, the measure in question is a controversial one- decriminalizing marijuana, but what the issue is should be irrelevant. Our elected officials should be held to the same standard as any other worker in any other job. When you show up for work, shelve your personal views and do your job- in this case representing the views of your constituents.

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