Thursday, March 16, 2006

The unfiltered stupid


Today is half over, and I'm already overwhelmed by the stupidity.

My building manager actually called me at work today to ask me where the nearest branch of BB&T is. Please keep in mind that this is a man in his mid-30s. Has he ever used a phone book? I know he can use the internet, because he manages to download all kinds of crap (viruses, p0rn, etc.). How about using Google? The bank has a website. Did it occur to him to use the branch locator on the wesite? Of course not. Clearly, it requires advanced computer skills to type "BB&T" into Google and click on the first link.

Hold on, the stupid isn't over yet. Check out this problem description provided by our HelpDesk: "The user claimed that the Outlook gives out the error when he hits the send/recieve button."

That's right. The Outlook gives out the error. Of couse, Outlook (It's a proper noun, so no article is required) only ever gives out one error. And I have no need to know exactly what the error message says. Simply knowing that there is an error is enough for me to be able to fix the problem.

Here's another one from the same person on the HelpDesk: "The user needs help with her Outlook Account on her machine---it won't start."

What won't start? Outlook? The machine? I'd assume it was the account except that Outlook doesn't have accounts, it has profiles which are then assosciated with email accounts. It's a good thing the HelpDesk is physically located somewhere else (far enough that I'd have to take a couple of hours to drive there and back), otherwise I'd be tempted to try and beat the stupid out of people.

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